This utility is designed to very quickly do a lot of the dice-rolling required to prepare for a Stars Without Number campaign. If you haven't read through the source book, you will want to go back and do that to get the most benefit from this site.

1. Generate a Sector
Press the Generate Sector button and this utility will use the displayed Seed ID to cook up a sector of the universe for you. Once it has loaded, you can see the position of the stars and tab through a few pages of the randomly generated planets, aliens, NPCs and other window dressing for your campaign.
Don't like what you see? No problem--press the re-roll button to get a new Seed ID and try again, or take a shot and type in your own.

2. Download the ZIP File
At the bottom of the sector summary, you will see a Download this Sector button. When you press it, you will get a zip file containing:

All of the randomly generated things that you've previewed will be included in the wiki files. Each article includes fully detailed writeups based on the freely distributed version of the Stars Without Number roleplaying game.

Drop me a line. No promises on a schedule or any specific revisions or improvements, but if you've got an idea for making this utility even better, I'd love to hear it. Thanks, and enjoy!

--N. Harrison Ripps 

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The SWN Sector Generator

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